What is Nuclear Medicine?

Nuclear Medicine is a modern medical imaging method that gives unique information about how different body systems work. We can use small safe amounts of radioactive tracers to see and study how our bodies work. This helps us find diseases early and create personalised treatment plans.

Myths about Nuclear Medicine:

Myth: It involves high radiation exposure.
Fact: Procedures use low doses of radiation, which are safe and largely comparable to other medical imaging tests.

Myth: It is only used for cancer diagnosis.
Fact: Nuclear Medicine helps to ascertain a number of other health problems like heart disease, neuotherolgical disorders, thyroid issues. 

Myth: It is an invasive procedure.
Fact: Nuclear Medicine imaging offers a non-invasive procedure, without requiring any incisions or invasive techniques. During a nuclear medicine procedure, we can administer tracers through ingestion, inhalation or injection. After administering the tracer, we perform imaging to observe its movement within the body.


The Advantages of Nuclear Medicine:

Nuclear Medicine provides a number of key advantages including:

  • Accurate Diagnoses: It allows for precise detection not otherwise easily diagnosed, whilst monitoring of diseases at early stages, enabling timely interventions and personalised treatment plans.
  • Customised Therapies: Nuclear Medicine treatments offer precise and effective solutions to various conditions.
  • Minimal Side Effects: Compared to traditional treatments, many nuclear medicine therapies have fewer side effects and can target specific areas, reducing damage to healthy tissues.
  • Advancements in Research: It contributes to ongoing medical research, leading to continuous advancements in diagnostics and therapies.


Why Choose Nuclear Medicine at X-Ray & Imaging?

X-Ray & Imaging offers a comprehensive range of Nuclear Medicine procedures within our local practice. We are proud to provide:

  • Expert Care: Our team comprises skilled and passionate professionals, providing exceptional care and guidance throughout your health journey.
  • Personalised Approach: Each patient is unique, and so are the healthcare needs. We tailor our services to ensure the most effective and personalised treatment plans possible.
  • Leaders in Technology: Equipped with state-of-the-art nuclear imaging technologies, including the new Pro.Specta SPECT CT installed at Maroochydore in January 2024, we ensure accurate and comprehensive diagnoses.
  • Multiple, Convenient Locations: providing Nuclear Medicine services at Caloundra and Maroochydore.


Our Commitment to Patient Care:

We prioritise your safety in order to provide the best health outcomes for our patients. Our procedures adhere to the highest standards, ensuring minimal radiation exposure and maximum accuracy in results. 

We work closely with patients, caregivers and referring physicians, fostering an environment of trust and open communication.

Experience the difference with Nuclear Medicine at X-Ray & Imaging.


For more information on nuclear medicine, please see our Nuclear Medicine page – click here.