Cortisone steroid injections are a pain relief option and can be delivered to all parts of the body which contain bones, joints and soft tissues.

The procedure involves the injection of a small amount of local anaesthetic with a steroid into and around the joint and area causing discomfort. This steroid assists in reducing inflammation and any associated swelling.

Interventional procedures are performed by a radiologist with the assistance of an imaging technologist.

If you are taking blood thinning medications such as Warfarin, Xarelto or Aspirin, please let our staff know. You may need to reduce or cease this medication before the day of the procedure. Please consult with your referring health professional.

Please advise our imaging technologist or radiologist if you are diabetic, as cortisone will increase blood sugar levels over the next few days.

You will be escorted into the examination room and asked to lie or sit depending on the joint or area in question. The injection site will be sterilised with antiseptic before administering the injection.

The needle will be inserted under ultrasound or CT guidance to ensure precise positioning.

The injection takes a few minutes, during which time you may feel some minor pressure or discomfort. We will do our very best to keep this to a minimum and keep you comfortable.

Following the procedure, it is advised to rest the area for at least two days, limiting any heavy, overhead lifting or strenuous activity.

Please be aware the area may be numb for up to six hours following the procedure so it is important to be cautious.

Cortisone can take between two and five days to take effect, with full pain relief taking effect up to one week after the procedure.

Before the cortisone can take effect, your symptoms may continue and may worsen in some patients. If you are concerned, please consult with your referring health professional.

  • Your original referral or request form
  • Medicare and any Government concession pension or health care cards
  • Previous relevant imaging

Although unlikely, an infection could occur following the procedure. If the area becomes red, warm or tender, please consult your referring health professional.

Cortisone steroid injections are available at the following locations: