Be Holiday Prepared.

It’s that time of the year that many will be travelling around the upcoming holiday season. As we start preparing, its also important to get any niggles or health concerned cleared before packing the car or suitcase.

Ensuring that you are physically fit for the adventure will help you enjoy your well earned time off. Depending on the destination and personal health history, you may want to consider a pre-travel check up. Radiologist tests such as X-Rays can help detect any underlying health issues that may not be apparent through a regular physical examination.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions
Radiology plays a crucial role in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment planning of individuals with pre-existing health conditions. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, discuss your travel with your GP to ensure you have the resources required for your time away. Radiology imaging may also be recommended to assess the current status of your condition to ensure you can manage your health while away.

Niggles & Pains
If you have an injury or niggling pain, medical imaging such as X-Ray or MRI may be necessary to assess the extent of the problem and determine if any precautions are required during your travel. Medical imaging scans provide detailed information of the internal structure of the body and can help diagnose the underlaying causes. Don’t travel with the chance of further injury or pain – get scanned and get ready to enjoy your holiday.

Travelling to Remote Locations
If you are travelling to remote areas where access to medical facilities may be limited, a comprehensive health check, including radiology tests, can help identify potential health concerns in advance. Australia has some of the best medical facilities, however, having to wait for emergency services can be life threatening.

We see many unfortunate accidents whilst people are out adventuring our great state. These accidents usually result in a trip to the ED Department. Due to the higher demand for these facilities around the Christmas holidays, we can see longer wait times than normal.


We recommend speaking to your GP if you have any health concerns ahead of your holiday.

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